miHoYo begins beta testing cloud version of Genshin Impact in China

On August 16, miHoYo began beta testing the new cloud version of its best-selling open-world ARPG Genshin Impact for Chinese players. Initially, 8,000 invites per day were scheduled, but because of incredibly high demand this was increased to 15,000 per day on the 17th.

Genshin is humorously known as 手机杀手, or “cellphone killer,” because of its steep system requirements. The game’s high graphic quality has made it a benchmark for new phones, while its storage size can sometimes reach up to 20 GB on mobile devices. By comparison, the new cloud version requires only a 33.4-MB APK file.

Feedback has so far been mostly positive. The game offers two options, 30 and 60 FPS, and players have reported that it runs smoothly with a good internet connection. While the cloud version is playable on mobile devices, it offers enhanced graphic quality—users on Zhihu noted that the mobile cloud version features many PC-only details, such as volumetric clouds.

A beta tester whose comment received 966 likes: “I usually play [Genshin] on the lowest settings on my phone. I just tried the cloud version and I could finally see what the characters are actually supposed to look like. It felt like playing a whole new game.”

But some players have complained that the pricing is too high compared to other cloud games. New players receive five free hours, and get 15 free minutes per day up to a maximum of 600 minutes. In addition to the pricing structure found in the chart below, players can also buy 30 days of unlimited play time for 60 RMB.

Left: price in RMB; center: corresponding amount of “Cloud Coins”; right: amount of game hours this buys

With the addition of this cloud service, Genshin Impact is now cross-compatible between PC, consoles, mobile devices, and cloud gaming.


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