Chinese-made Korean War FPS in development

A nine-person team in the northeastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang is developing a single-player FPS game in which players control a soldier in the PVA—the People’s Volunteer Army, China’s military during the Korean War. The game, 无畏征途 (Wuwei Zhengtu), does not yet have an English name, but the title translates roughly to “Fearless Expedition.” Wuwei Zhengtu is billed as a 抗美援朝 (Resist America and Aid North Korea) story.

Unlike China’s film and TV industry, there has always been a relative paucity of nationalistic first-person shooters in its games industry. Though Wuwei Zhengtu does have predecessors, they are few and far between, and have mostly been relegated to small indie efforts.

Kangri, a 2003 FPS made by a Beijing developer which culminates in assassinating a Japanese admiral

Wuwei Zhengtu has been in development since 2016 and features a unique system that allows players to give orders to their squad to complete objectives. The studio is aiming for a high level of historical accuracy, and throughout the development process has invited historians and other researchers to advise on the game’s plot and other elements. Wuwei Zhengtu is one of the only few authorized CryEngine developers in China.

Wuwei Zhengtu aims for a high level of historical accuracy

Wuwei Zhengtu have released a five-minute preview on Bilibi. Judging by the comments, the game is so far well received and many Chinese gamers have high hopes for its success. They are currently crowdfunding, and have ambitions to “tell China’s story” from 1921 to 2049 in a series of games. On their crowdfunding page, the team states their motivation for making Wuwei Zhengtu is to strengthen “cultural confidence” and “enhance China’s soft power,” employing a quote by Mao Zedong about the dangers of allowing the enemy to control public discourse.

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