Playstation sales figures for mainland China, July 2021

This data comes courtesy of Youand and 吾王是小狮子 from the PS4 Baidu BBS. Sales figures are not comprehensive, but do include channels like Taobao.



There have been a relative drought of PS games available in China in recent months. July marks It Takes Two’s second month at the number one spot.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim reappears on the list after several months’ absence, perhaps thanks to younger gamers having more free time during summer break.

Overall sales figures are quite low, however. In previous months this year, games with only 2-3000 units sold would not have made the list. PS5 still suffers from system availability, which impacts its games’ sales.

Another thing to consider is that certain notable games, such as Resident Evil Village, have been banned on majors sales channels like Taobao.

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